Chad & Kristina

Chad & Kristina
Chad & Kristina

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Count Down Is On

We are officially under the four week mark. How did that happen??

The shower was August 13th. It was held at the new NICC Student Center with Lynch’s catering. It was a beautiful shower with lots of wonderful people. As I sit here and write I am enjoying some popcorn in a properly decorated popcorn bowl that we received as a gift. There are many popcorn recipes – yes, from a new cookbook. I might just have to have a girls movie night with a popcorn bar! All of our family and friends are so generous and loving. Thank you cards are in progress as a small start to our appreciation. I hope we can reciprocate that at some point during our married lives. Here are a few pictures from the shower.

We got a lot of new stuff for the kitchen. From spatulas, and bowls, to cookbooks, and a new food processor. Oh, and a cake leveler! I have decided I want to be the next pioneer woman. How fun would it be to test recipes and ingredients and share the process with people? The best part of cooking is the eating. Perhaps a new blog might be in order after the wedding.

The girls and I had a spa day at Eclips last Saturday. Really ladies, we should treat ourselves like that more often! We had facials, massages, pedicures, and manicures. It was delightful. Thank you to all the girls that joined me!

Some of our table decorations will include boxes that were made by Mason (with a little help from Justin, Terry and Carter.) We lined them with some burlap and filled them with hen and chicks from Chad’s aunt Linda’s yard. I am not sure how long I thought this process would take but it went very quickly and I am so pleased with the results. And the best part – the boys got to help and they are really proud of them too.

So, at this point my need for organization is in overdrive. We are storing a lot of stuff in our humble little abode. I have taken to moving boxes of stuff from one room to another and sometimes just to a different corner or wall. Fruitless I know but somehow it makes me feel better. It will feel good to reclaim our bedroom someday soon.

I have a “master” binder and notebook. I get a lot of flak for the binder but trust me it is all in there. The notebook holds my random thoughts and to do lists. All the big things are taken care of. I have had the final fitting on my dress. My mom will pick it up from Bridal Productions the week of the wedding and store it at her house until the big day. Catering, cake, decorations, bridal party gifts, band, check check check check.

The biggest thing I have put off? Music for the wedding. Our selection for ceremony songs was limited. During the prelude and postlude we have more options. I guess I just don’t have a strong opinion on any of it so I keep putting it off. However, I probably need to get information out to those that are assisting us with music! I am off to make those final selections now…

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