Chad & Kristina

Chad & Kristina
Chad & Kristina

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Material Girl

I’ve changed. For the better. I hope. One of my biggest physical change is that I want desperately to have nice nails. Since I was a kid I have picked, chewed, pulled, peeled my nails. So not only were my nails short and ragged but I had hang nails too.

When I had a special occasion on the horizon I paid big bucks to have false nails put on. The irony? They always came off AND your nails were worse for the wear!

Well, old habits die hard. Though with the help of Keri at Eclips I am on my way to redemption. I have been getting the soak off gels put on. Harder polish on my natural nails. They are growing and they are not easy for me to pick at – well not as easy anyway. I had my nails done again on Saturday and Keri commented on my picking at my skin. Hey, I’m learning! I have to be weaned off I guess. If I can’t pick at my nails then I will pick at the skin. Is there a support group for this?!

I was a bit concerned about becoming high maintenance when making Chad take me to WalMart while on vacation. The main purpose was super glue. Yes, for a broken nail. I really did not know what else to do about it. The crack was too far down for me to just cut the nail down. I’m still learning I guess.

Thanks for putting up with me Keri!

At this point I am not worried about my nails and their appearance for wedding pictures. I am more concerned about not having bumps and bruises on my head. In just one day I attacked myself. That’s right I attacked myself. First the telephone. Yes, the telephone. I reached to answer the phone with my right hand. While bringing it to my ear I was off center and instead hit the upper right corner of my right eye. Enough to knock my glasses off kilter and cause a headache. After all that someone else in the office had beat me to answering it anyway.

Second, while putting a box away in the garage I ran into something with the box which then caused the box to jam into my nose. I am always grateful that there is seldom anyone around to witness my most graceful moments.

Perhaps I should get to bed early tonight before lucky incident number three strikes…


  1. oh I don't think you could ever officially high maintenance!!! Your nails look awesome!!! and once you break the habits they are going to be hard to start again. I used to be a nail biter and quit for some reason and in all honesty have never started again!! I have one little nervous, fretting spot on my thumb that will get picked at on occasion (I had to super glue it down this winter when I got dry!!) but other than that I'm pretty much cured!! whooo hoo!! I am planning on saving my pennies to get my nails officially done before the wedding as well. For now I've just be filing and painting them. They have actually been TWO colors this week! Kind of fun. I found some neat colors at Donlon's this week for only .99!!

  2. I do love my nails. But I think I owe it all to Keri. There are so many fun colors out there for polish! One nice thing about the gels though is that you don't have to worry about it for at least two weeks.
    I remember Nikki calling me a girly girl once and I was a bit offended. Probably cannot deny it anymore.