Chad & Kristina

Chad & Kristina
Chad & Kristina

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm a Beaver?

As I mentioned the planning process has really set off my need to plan and organize every little detail. And for me it is never too soon to start taking care of things. However, I am not sure everyone appreciates this. One of the first things that happened following our engagement was the creation of “The Big Book of Wedding Plans.” Now, I did not make this binder. Emily helped me out with this. But I am sure it was only a matter of time before I would have created the same thing or set out to purchase something similar. The book has a calendar through September as we are getting married on September 17th, a tab for wedding party, clothing, Decorah-ations, ceremony, reception, etc. And you must know the binder is nearly full and I have asked Chad to get me a new binder today as he is out and about. All of two months into this the binder is coming apart. My instructions are specific “please get one that is an inch and a half and no plain jane stuff get me a pretty one I am a girl you know.”

Last weekend we attended the M.A.T.T. class in Cedar Falls. Marriage and Trusting Together is a class designed for couples looking to marry in the Catholic Church when one or both have been married before. Since I have been married before we registered and cleared our calendars. Of course the day started with introductions. We were asked to tell everyone how we met, our wedding date, any children we have, and one word to describe our partner. We were the last couple to do introductions. My name is Kristina Falck we are getting married on September 17th, we met on a blind date, I have two kids ages 11 and 7 and I think Chad is a true gentlemen. Chad introduces himself and says Kristina is organized, oh and caring. What?! Others used words like beautiful, charming, loving, fun-loving, etc. But I am organized. Now I’m getting a complex.

Part of the M.A.T.T. class was a discussion on personalities. Which I always find interesting. And yes, I am fully aware of my personality types. However this time I was given a label that was new to me. We were given a sheet of paper with four columns. We were to check each item that we felt described us and add up each column. The columns were labeled L, O, G, and B. Upon watching the coordinating video we learn it is actually Lion, Otter, Golden Retriever, and Beaver. Lions are leaders. Otters are motivators and entertainers. Golden Retrievers are sensitive, routine and loyal. Beavers are inspectors and accurate. Can you guess where I fell? I actually scored equally between Golden Retriever and Beaver but who are we kidding I am a Beaver. Perhaps they were the only stuffed animals the guy had a home as props but really a Beaver??

Last night we had our final meeting with Father Hawes until the wedding approaches. As we were leaving Father says to me “Kristina see if you can get this thing organized now.” Wait a minute, was the priest mocking me?

So if you follow me at least now you know what you are in for!



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